Additional Information about us

How did we get started?


What started out as just helping one turned into a group of coaches working with a wide variety of clients from all cultures and backgrounds.  Sara Swan, the founder of Looking Forward Life Coaching, has developed the mentor approach for one person and with it being so successful with one grew to work with many.  When we got started, we were primarily working with people on the Autistic spectrum but now have branched out into other areas.  We now work with clients from all over the Neuro diverse spectrum and treat each one with a person-centered plan that specializes their journey to them and therefore sets them up for the best opportunity for success.

Why is this important

The reason why it is important

It is important because the community in which we serve is by far in desperate need of people to come along side of them and encourage them to keep going.  We are one of the few that work with adults that are on the autistic spectrum and the only ones that work with people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  With our person centered plans we design programs that fit the individual and not try to fit the individual into one of our system centered pre developed programs.  There are so many strengths in the neuro diverse community and we really want to help them find them and celibrate them.

What is a person centered plan

The person-centered plan is...

A way to look at the individual and not how they would fit into a pre-determined category.  Our person-centered plan looks at many different facets of who you are and what you desire and then helps you bridge the gap between what you want to be possible and what you think is possible.  We ask questions about many areas of who you are and then use those answers to increase the chances of your success.  "Many of our clients have rivers of life that they have to learn to navigate." says Sara Swan, the founder "and sometimes it is rough rapids and others it is smooth sailing, and we help them to navigate all that life has to offer."  "Looking forward Life Coaching has also helped me to see people all over the spectrum of abilities as not broken but they are still beautiful people capable of all kinds of things they simply need help so that they can see what they can really do." said one of our clients